As the learner has gained mastery over basic concepts underlying each subject area in the primary years, the learner is now ready to meet the rigours of the academic programme in the secondary section aligned with the ICSE Examinations. The focus shifts to self-reliance and initiative with purposeful, goal-directed facilitation by the teacher. Opportunities are therefore created for questioning, enquiry, debate, reflection and deep-diving into the concepts.


Scholastics Co-Scholastics
English Dance
Hindi Music
Marathi Gymnastics
French Sports
Mathematics Sports and Physical Education


●      Physics

●      Chemistry

●      Biology

Life Skills

Social Studies

●      History & Civics

●      Geography


Social Studies

●      History & Civics

●      Geography

Martial Arts
Computer Studies SUPW
  Vedic Mathematics


Scholastics Co-Scholastics

Group I

●      English

●      Hindi

●      Social Studies
History & Civics

●    Sports and Physical Education

●    Life Skills

●    Vedic Mathematics (IX)

●    SUPW

●    Career Counselling

Group II

●      Mathematics/Economics

●      Science/Commercial Studies

Group III

Computer Application/Physical Education/Art/Home Science


Integration and adaptation of the best available international teaching and learning practices in India.

  • Student-centric approach
  • Enquiry-based teaching-learning
  • Hands-on active learning
  • Real-life connect and experiential learning
  • Technology integration for blended learning
  • Investigation, experimentation and demonstration
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Differentiation, scaffolding and remediation 


Class VI – IX:
1 Formative & 1 Summative Assessment in each of the two terms.
Internal Assessments – Project/Skill based

Class X:
1 Formative Assessment followed by 3 Prelims
Internal Assessments – Project/Skill based

*French – It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that we shall be offering Foreign Language-French is offered as a curricular subject. It is a 5-year inclusive program. Presently it’s offered for grades 4 to 7. It will be introduced for Grade 8 in AY 2022.